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At Food For All, we believe in stocking food from local suppliers. We want to support local businesses. We also want to cut down on harm to the environment through 'food miles'. We believe that local food is more likely to be fresh and healthy. So, we get fruit and veg, milk, meat and dairy from local suppliers and wholefoods from a Bristol trading co-operative. Here is a little information about each of the suppliers who provide goods for our shop.

GREENS - Community Market Garden

GREENS is a community based market garden in Withywood, South Bristol

A team of paid workers and volunteers grow fruit and vegetables, without the use of chemicals, for sale to local residents at fair prices. This, we hope, will encourage people to increase the amount of fresh produce in thier diet and, in turn, improve their health and well-being.

This project encourages the participation of both adults and young people from local schools. We also promote the use of allotments on our sites, as another way of encouraging people to live a healthier lifestyle.

Essential Trading Cooperative

The conception of our co-operative's business came from a belief in the inherent "goodness" of the products that we sold, and it was the strength of this belief that has carried the business forward.

During the time that we have been around, we have witnessed a sea change in attitude towards natural vegetarian food: from the comedic notion that it's for rabbits, and that vegetarians eat rabbit food, right up to the present day opinion that we should all eat more of it, and that the much processed food (the stuff we don't sell) isn't any good and never was.

You only have to look at the current trends in the media and what's taking up more and more shelf-space in the frighteningly successful supermarket chains, to see that food without additives, that isn't over processed, and which is diverse in its sources is rampant.

Free Range Local Eggs

Our eggs come from Pagans Hill Farm in Chew Stoke.

The chickens live in a shed which is open from 8am til dusk and are aloud to roam freely.

Alvis Bros

The farm shop is evidence of the success of the complete farming cycle. Meat from their own farm and excellent cheeses are available from both their own shop and many shops in the chew valley as well as a few places in bristol. The main difference in buying from Alvis over supermarket suppliers or super markets themselves is that it comes a lot more direct than buying from anywhere else. When you buy from any of the Alvis outlets you don't get any middle men, the food comes from the farm to the shop with no outside slaughter houses or packagers. This means that the food is a lot fresher and contains none of the artificial preservatives that supermarket food has so much of. This means fresher, healthier and nicer food direct from the farm.

Alvis Brothers Ltd, Lye Cross Farm, Redhill, Bristol, BS40 5RH

01934 864614 - shop

01934 862687 - fax and answerphone


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